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The Dandy Lions Apothecary

Custom orders

We make soaps for holiday accommodation and corporate gifts.  This is a custom service and we sell these soaps by the block.  Each block can be cut to make:

    • 48 Small size - 45 grams (75 by 40 by 10 mm) 
    • 32 Medium size - 75 grams (75 by 40 by 15 mm) 

As the soaps are hand cut the sizes and weights are approximate.

You can choose from any of the soaps available on our website.  Your soaps will be wrapped and look like miniature versions of our regular sized bars.  We can include the name of your business and website address on the labelling, though we retain our overall branding.

The small size bars are good if you have guests staying for a couple of nights. The medium size bars are better for stays of a week.  (these are the same size as the soaps in our hand soap collection). 

    • The cost for a block of the medium sized soaps is 50 euros plus IVA and delivery.
    • The cost for a block of the small sized soaps is 60  euros plus IVA and delivery.

These soaps are handmade to order and there is a lead time of 4-5 weeks from placing an order. 

For more information please email us at jonathan@dandy-lions.co.uk