Spiced Vanilla and Ground Coffee Bean Soap

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Image of Spiced Vanilla and Ground Coffee Bean Soap

This soap has one of the warmest fragrances I’ve blended, the essential oils are vanilla with a touch of cassia. The soap also includes ground coffee and cocoa both of which add richness to the fragrance.

This soap is handmade using a blend of oils and butters, including Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Castor Oil and Palm Oil. The soap is split into two separate batches, ground coffee is added to one half and white clay added to the other. The two halves are swirled along with a cocoa ripple together to give a beautiful marble effect.

Our soaps are made in large wooden moulds, hand cut and hand stamped. The soaps are large with each bar weighing at least 130gr and often more.